PST Backup

  • Easy single click PST backup option
  • Backup MS Outlook contacts, emails, notes, reminders & calendar items
  • Easily migrate all the emails & settings from an older version of Outlook to a newer one using PST backup file
  • Split & save the archived backup PST to match the destination storage device memory
  • Supports creating email backup in Outlook 2007, 2010 & older versions  

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular & widely used email client in almost all business organizations. It is used for day-to-day activities, business proposals, sending tenders & many other important communication. You can also create reminders, notes & schedule meetings using Outlook. All these Outlook emails & other attributes are stored locally on your system in a file having .pst extension. PST stands for Personal Storage Table. Due to this PST file you can access older Outlook emails in offline mode also.

What happens when your PST file gets corrupted or deleted? If something like this happens, you will not be able to access your Outlook profile or any other attribute anymore. So, it is necessary to backup PST file at regular intervals. You can refer to backup Outlook contacts.

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You will need PST Backup Software in the following situations –

Accidental Deletion– The most commonly made mistake is accidentally deleting an important file while deleting an unwanted one. PST files also might get deleted either by accidentally pressing delete button or by pressing a Shift+Delete key combination instead of Delete. The files deleted in such a manner bypass the Recycle Bin & believed to be permanently deleted.

Malware InfectionViruses are hazardous programs that might corrupt the files present in the system including the PST files. It might even delete the PST file after which you will not be able to access your Outlook profile. If you are regularly connected to the Internet, then you must be aware of this threat because it is the main reason for deletion of all your important items from the PST file. The best way to avoid it is by using an updated anti-virus program or to backup PST on regular intervals.

Abruptly closing MS OutlookUsually you close Outlook application after saving all the changes that you have made to the PST file, by clicking on Exit or Close option. But if you are working in MS Outlook & suddenly it closes, then there is a possibility that some of the emails from your profile are lost or deleted. The reason for sudden shutdown may be due to Outlook corruption, a virus infection or system shutdown due to power cut or file system corruption. Use PST backup tool to avoid such a situation.

PST file corruption – The PST file may get corrupted due to a virus attack, closing Outlook application while emails are being transferred in the background or due to corrupt emails accessed with MS Outlook. Header corruption also leads to PST file data loss.

Accidental formattingWhile formatting a drive or an external drive connected to your system, you might accidentally format the drive that contains all the important files & folders including the PST files.

PST file oversized 2GB limitIn MS Outlook 2003 & older versions the limit of the PST file size is 2GB. If your PST file exceeds that size, the file will get corrupt & you will not be able to access Outlook emails & save any new information. Outlook usually throws messages that your PST file is about to cross the maximum size limit of 2GB. Whenever you get such type of messages, please do not ignore it.

Sharing PST file over a networkPST files shared or stored over network are more prone to get deleted or get corrupted. Files might get accidentally deleted or modified by anyone who can access it. So, always save the PST files on a local device to avoid this.

Upgrading OutlookIf MS Outlook is upgraded from an older version to a newer one, some or all of the emails, contacts & other data stored in the PST file might get corrupt or deleted.

Other common reasons – Some other situations where you will be in need of a proper backup Outlook PST are, emptying the Deleted Items folder by mistake & losing all the emails present in it, antivirus removed some of your emails without your knowledge & while updating your operating system; some emails & other data got deleted from the PST file.

In any of the above situations, at the end either you will lose some of your important emails, that might cost you your job or you will not be able to access your Outlook profile at all. At this point a backup will be like a life saver for you. So, always backup Outlook PST of your Outlook profile.

But taking regular PST backups manually can be a tedious job, so here’s the solution for all your worries. PST Backup Tool has been specially designed to take Outlook backup, so that you can simply migrate all your emails & other important information, in time of need. The software also helps you to migrate PST file data & personalized settings from an older version of MS Outlook to a newer version & from a lower version of Windows OS to a higher one.

PST Backup Tool  is capable to backup outlook PST files Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 2003 Server and Windows 2008 Server. Check Here to know how to backup PST files on Windows 7. PST backup software regularly takes backups automatically without any manual effort using its built-in scheduler.You can even secure your PST backup using a password. You can also customize your PST backup by selecting & deselecting various options/features according to your requirement. It creates four restore points (last four), from which you can select the desired one. This tool can efficiently backup outlook 2010 emails, notes, calendars, nicknames, signatures & even your personalized Outlook settings. Visit Here to know about email backup from Outlook 2010 version

Steps to backup Outlook PST file –

Step 1 : Download & install the PST backup tool software & run it.

Step 2 : From the main screen select “Backup” option.

PST Backup - Main Screen

Step 3 : On the next screen you will find two options “Smart Backup” & “Advance Backup”. Select “Smart Backup” option to perform one-click PST backup of your entire Outlook.

PST Backup - Smart Backup

Step 4 : You will get a message that the PST backup process is completed successfully.

PST Backup - Backup Completed

Step 5 : See the summary report to check whether backup is successful for all the attributes or not.

PST Backup - Summary