How to backup emails from outlook 2007?

Emails are the most popular way of communicating with friend & colleagues. There are many popular email clients that offer these services but Microsoft Outlook is the most popular & widely used service. It is because, it can be used offline also to view older emails & other saved items like notes, meeting schedules, contacts, etc. Due to these extra features, it has become the first choice of business organizations.

Through outlook emails, people communicate with each other & their clients, submit tenders, send business proposals, schedule meetings & discuss about new projects. Almost half of their work is dependant on MS Outlook. So, what happens if your Outlook application gets corrupt or the PST file (file that saves all the Outlook data in a centralized place) gets corrupt or deleted? It can cost your company an important client or even might cost you your job. If you already have a backup file and want to migrate from 2007 to 2010 then you can perform this task easily by using migrate Outlook 2007 to 2010 Tool.

Scenarios where the PST file might get corrupt or deleted –

Infected emails – Emails sent from unknown sources might contain infections. If these emails are opened or accessed, they might corrupt your Outlook & delete some of your important emails. Viruses might infect the PST file of your Outlook profile, that will make your profile inaccessible & you cannot open your emails or any other saved data.

Outlook application upgraded – When you upgrade your Outlook application from an older version to a newer version, there are possibilities that the process might delete some or all your emails. So, you should backup outlook contacts, emails, settings & other data before doing any upgradation. Check Here to know how to backup Outlook contacts.

Emptying Deleted Items Folder – Emails that are not required for the moment can be deleted. By doing so, they will be moved to a folder named as “Deleted Items”. You can anytime restore them back to the Inbox. But sometimes you accidentally empty this folder & later realizes that you needed some of the emails from that folder. Don’t worry as the PST file contains emails from that folder too. Just regularly Outlook 2007 Email backup on Windows 7 & other versions of Windows operating system  & restore all the emails. Refer to backup Outlook in Windows 7 PC

Partitioning error – While partitioning your hard drive, if any error occurs & the process is stopped abruptly, then there are chances of your Outlook application getting corrupted along with all the emails & other attributes. This might also delete the emails.

Therefore, in order to avoid all these scenarios, you should always have a backup of essential PST file. If you encounter any problem with PST file then you can easily restore the emails and other attributes using PST backup. If the size of PST file is bigger then it is very difficult to backup the Outlook data manually. No need to worry, you can use this automated Outlook 2007 Email backup tool to easily backup the PST file. You can backup emails, notes, calendar items, meeting schedules, appointments & even your personalized settings, signatures & email templates. The backup can be split into many parts if the backup size is very large & your storage devices don’t have enough space. If you create backup of PST file on Outlook 2010, it can be easily migrated to other MS Outlook versions using this tool.

Steps to backup emails from Outlook 2007 –

1. Download & install the tool & run it to backup emails from outlook 2007.

2. From the welcome screen of the Outlook 2007 Email backup software, select “Backup” option to backup emails from outlook 2007.

Backup Emails from Outlook 2007 - Main Screen

3. On the next screen click “Advance Backup” button.

Backup Emails from Outlook 2007 - Smart Backup

4. Select the emails check box & other items which you want to backup.

Backup Emails from Outlook 2007 - Select desired options

5. After backup process is completed, a list of files that have been backed up are shown.

Backup Emails from Outlook 2007 - Summary