How do you backup emails from Outlook 2003?

Outlook is an email application and it is a part of the Microsoft Office suite. It contains extra features like calendar, contact manager and other attributes to keep a record of email interactions for a long period. In Outlook, you can keep the other information like meeting requests, calendar events, notes, etc. Because of its advanced features, it is highly preferred in various organizations. It is used to communicate with the employees. So the emails and other information used on Outlook are very important and you need to have the backup of this. To backup Outlook 2003 emails, one can make use of PST backup software.

PST is a Personal Storage Table folder, which contains every bit of information used in your Outlook profile. All emails, contact details, attachments and other Outlook items are stored in a PST file. In case the PST file is corrupted, then you cannot access any data from your Outlook 2003 profile. The PST file is located on your computer hard drive and it is very prone to corruption. It may become inaccessible due to various software errors and causes Outlook data loss. To make sure the Outlook data is always safe, it is better to get backup of Outlook data. Apart from Outlook 2003, it is also possible to backup emails from Outlook 2007 by using PST backup software.

Some of the Outlook data loss situations

  • System crash while workings on your Outlook results in PST file corruption.
  • Sudden power failure while accessing data from the Outlook PST file.
  • Sharing PST file over the network.
  • Other reasons are like virus attack, hard drive crash, software malfunction, etc.

There have been also other scenarios where you may lose important emails. Accidentally deleting the important emails using “Shift + Delete” key or deleting all necessary emails from the “Deleted Items” folder”, may results in loss of business emails. Under these situations, you can easily restore lost data from the Outlook backup. You can also take Outlook settings backup and the procedure to accomplish this task is given here -

Using Backup Outlook 2003 Emails software, you can backup outlook 2003 mailbox including all attributes. It is very easy to use i.e. designed with user-friendly and self descriptive GUI interface. To save all your Outlook emails and settings, a simple one click backup option is enough. You can go here for the procedure to backup Outlook contacts. You can create unlimited number of backup profiles. With Backup Outlook 2003 Emails it is also possible to keep backup archives securely by setting passwords. You can save the disk space by compressing the backup archives with various compression levels. It is developed for Windows systems and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8.

It also has many unique features i.e. backup Outlook 2003 mailbox automatically by scheduling time. You can also split the backup archives to match the storage space where you want to store backup. This software is not only used to get backup of Outlook but it also works effectively to migrate Outlook. You can migrate whole Outlook data from one version to another version. It is capable to transfer all emails and Outlook items from older Outlook or OS version to the newly updated version.

Steps to backup emails from Outlook 2003

Step1: Run Backup Outlook 2003 Emails software on your computer and select “Backup” option from the welcome page as shown in Figure 1 to backup outlook 2003 mailbox.

Backup Outlook 2003 Emails - Main Screen

Figure 1. Main Screen

Step2: Then you can select the Outlook items that you want to backup and continue by clicking on the “Next” button as shown in Figure 2.

Backup Outlook 2003 Emails - Select Outlook Items

Figure 2. Select Outlook Items

Step3: Once the backup process is completed, you can see the Outlook backup summary as shown in Figure 3.

Backup Outlook 2003 Emails - Outlook Backup Summary

Figure 3. Outlook Backup Summary